A Passion is Born…

I started this Blog to chart my amazing journey from the beginning of 2010 – I can’t believe I’ve done so much in only a year.

Under the tutelage of Gilbert Whyman I produced Saskia, my first ever sculpture.  She may not be too refined but is a good reference point – she was sculpted as a quick sketch in only a couple of hours. www.gilbertwhyman.co.uk

This amazed me and I was totally blown away by the experience of observing a life model and reproducing her in clay.  So overwhelming was it that I could not sleep and thoughts of creating more art would consume me.   

It felt as if this were a skill alive within me and something I was Meant to do.  To this day I do not know where it comes from and I often can’t believe what I am producing, but the passion and the excitement it instills in me drives me onwards….

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3 Responses to A Passion is Born…

  1. Jo says:

    Looking great Gaz – fab to have a blog up and running!!

  2. Mary Quinn says:

    Hi Gary
    What a wonderful Blog. Such a great idea to chronicle your first year at Sculpture School.
    You will be a great inspiration to many students out there who are just getting starting or working up the courage to give Sculpture a try. You have achieved so mush in such a short time. I am very impressed. Thank you for the mention

    Best Wishes

  3. Cat says:

    Totally blown away! I really look forward to watching your amazing talent develop over the years!

    Cat x

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