The First Few Months….

To begin with my posts are going to briefly chart my first year in sculpture…..

thinking manSo, after discovering the passion I continued with Gilbert Whyman and also started with another great inspirational teacher, Corinne Manches  – it was amazing, making huge progress and producing lots of work.

You quickly learn that the power to sculpt comes from meticulous observation – literally the closer you observe the life model (what a chore!) the more effectively one can represent the form.

This was amplified on a short course at The Art Academy in London – A Masterclass with Suzie Zamit:  an intensive course in figuative sculpture from the life model.  For me, I found that every new tutor would bring subtle differences in approach – in the end you gain something from everyone and your own style develops. and

early sculpturesStill more sleepless nights and a feeling of being swept along by some strong force – I already felt that this was something I had to do.  Over these early months I couldn’t get enough of visiting galleries, artists studios and tutors….grilling everyone about how the art world works and trying to work out where and how I could possibly fit.

I joined Surrey Sculpture Society (SSS)which really helped – introducing me to lots of like minded people and seeing various inspirational SSS Exhibitions.

Everyone was so encouraging and supportive, responding more to my huge enthusiasm than anything else – so thank you to you all, you know who you are!

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