Time to get Serious

Very soon it became clear to me that an artist is never completely satisfied. 

 In my case, definitefigurative sculpturely happy, after all, these skills had come from ‘no-where’ and clear progress was being made from one piece to the next – how amazing is that!  But, when a sculpture is completed you inevitably see where improvements could be made – I guess that this is what drives an artist on….A strong desire to move forward, creating more powerful work.

On top of this I was feeling an increasing need to develop a language and style of my own.  I felt that in order to progress I needed to up the ante, to devote more time to my art and find a special place which would both educate and inspire. 

I looked at a good number of institutions but in the end precious few felt like the right environment for me.  Then, the big break through, I went to see Tanya Russell at The Art Academy in Southwark, London.

The Art Academy is rooted in what I think of as the classical approach where the figurative and realistic schools are valued and where I could also learn art history, drawing and so on to give me depth. The Academy is not afraid to teach artists how to be commercial – It also teaches sculptors the all important practicalities – eg welding, armature making etc

abstract metal sculpture

Anyway, luckily enough for me, The Art Academy bought into my passion for sculpture and I was offered a place (started September 2010) – to see how I get on, watch this space!!  http://www.artacademy.org.uk

PS  Pic to the left – My new welding skills, Distress, an abstract sculpture in steel.

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