Runnymede Gallery exhibition opens new doors…..

John O’Connor (one of my Art Academy tutors) once said to me that if I start showing my work, the rest will come…..

sculpture exhibitionWith this in mind I submitted some of my sculptures to Gary Rogers’ Runnymede Gallery Spring Exhibition and was delighted to have two pieces accepted (!).  Grief, for which I have already posted an earlier blog and another sculpture called I am the Light – this is a life size portrait of a hand in cold cast bronze.  In my imagination it represents Jesus gesticulating as he preaches.

You’re probably wondering now what doors this show has opened……

Firstly I have been asked by an old business contact to donate a sculpture to a Charity Fundraising Dinner for Seventy4.  They are involved in addiction counselling – a great cause which resonates with me and my deep interest in emotions and the human condition.  I felt that a new work called Joy would be ideal.

Joy is an abstract work inspired by the human form in joyous rapture, further developed by simplifying and accentuating the dynamic flow of energy through the figure.  Put simply, it celebrates life.  I will blog on this after the auction…..

sculpture exhibitionSecondly I have been commissioned by a lady to do a portrait of her hand.  She really liked the look of I am the Light and this inspired her.  She told me that she has always wanted a bronze and had been waiting for the right moment.  I am very excited about this and again will update you with a further post as the commission develops…..

How exciting – watch this space!religious sculpture

By the way, as most of you know, my wife Jo is a photogapher and she also had some photographic art selected for the Runnymede Show – so it was a real family affair!  She’s in fact just asked me to point out that she didn’t take the above images(!)… 

If you are interested in photographic art, Jo has posted a blog on it –

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