Can Abstract Sculpture be Powerful?

Last term at the Art Academy with Chloe Leaper I looked at how to go abstract….!garden art

I must admit that I found the prospect quite daunting and actually if I’m honest, as a self-confessed figurative artist, wasn’t even sure that the results would be my thing.  However, the argument goes that if one learns how to abstract then your figurative work improves significantly…..

So having got my head into the right place, Chloe was able to show me how to see the lines and the flow of energy through a piece – something I had really only noticed at best subconsciously in the past. 

It’s really about distilling down what you observe to the very basics, to express yourself in the most direct way without any superfluous detail.  Everything you leave in has to be considered and of merit.

abstract sculptureHaving spent a lot of time looking at grief for a previous project – along came Joy (!)  Well the great thing about being interested in the emotions is that the palette is huge…..

This sculpture celebrates life. It is inspired by the human form in joyous rapture, further developed by simplifying and accentuating the dynamic flow of energy through the figure.

I am now totally in awe of what abstraction can achieve and can’t wait to both do more of it in its own right but also to incorporate my new way of seeing into my figurative abstract

These pictures are of Joy in a garden setting which I think it really suits.  It’s in cold cast aluminium and set upon oak  – I hope you agree that abstract sculpture really can be powerful?

Tonight I’m delivering no.2 (I’m planning this to be an edition of 12 total) to the venue of the Seventy4 Charity Dinner in Marylebone which I blogged about in my last post.  Tomorrow is the big night and I can’t wait to be there with the other artists and to see people’s reaction to it….Now where is that tux?  

garden sculpturefigurative abstract sculpture

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