It all begins and ends with Anatomy

When I have the chance, I love to spend time with master sculptor Andrew Sinclair ARBS – he’s an inspiration to me.  He runs, with the help of the wonderful Diane Coates, Sculpture School, in which Andy unselfishly shares his knowledge which has been gleaned over more than twenty years as a sculptor.

Andy is a total advocate of the old school and believes that if you want to make powerful sculpture, a thorough knowledge of anatomy is essential.  This is at the heart of his teaching and he is forever relating sculptural technique to musculature and how this all builds up a gorgeous and natural flow of line and energy which run through a successful sculpture.

I totally buy into this and it dovetails perfectly wfoot sculptureith my work at the Art Academy.  Here too as I’ve said before, it all starts with the figurative – an appreciation and understanding of these skills then allows for totally powerful work to be produced, whether figurative or abstract.  Hence meticulous observation and measurement in last term’s measured figure module (picture below right) and why I’ve signed up to next term’s anatomical drawing class(!)nude sculpture model

Getting to grips with a whole bunch of Latin names isn’t the first thing I was expecting when I got involved with sculpture, but in the end for me it’s about the human figure and this – well it’s made up of anatomy…..

To put it another way – anatomy is the human figure so to sculpt it you need to understand it and the better you do the more believable your work – obvious really!

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