‘Art, Design and A Taste of Summer’ at Blenheim Palace

Classic, The Art Academy goes camping and we get a typical British wet and windy Bank Holiday weekend – Whatever happened to the ‘warmest Spring since 1659’?

blenheim sculptureteaching sculptureOh well, it’s all good character building stuff and a fantastic way to learn more about my fellow artists and this new world of art I have joined.  I may perhaps be biassed but I think we put on a great show – we had excellent displays by a selection of our tutors, a student area where we were showing our work and demonstrating our painting and sculpting skills and a public interaction area….teaching sculpture

My wife Jo and our two boys came for a day (and even an overnight stay!).  I wasn’t expecting the boys to like it much but they absolutely loved it!  They were totally inspired by the art works on show and the demonstrations – live art taking place in front of them.  More than that, I think it was the addictive passion of the Art Academy students themselves….Jake’s since nearly filled his sketch book! 

sketchingSam and Jake really took to the stone carving classes with Simon Keeley (who also teaches at the Art Academy).  www.simonkeeley.comstone carving teaching

Personally I was working up a sculpture which is inspired by my dad.  It’s really about how he has bounced back (through sheer determination) from a near fatal second stroke some years ago and how he lives life to the full. I did a small sketch maquette a while ago and at the show did a larger sketch and then a final version.  At each stage you look at what’s working and refine it to produce the most powerful expression of what you are looking to say.  I’m pleased with the results and can’t wait to see the final cast versions….maquette sculpture

Over the weekend, I really enjoyed talking to people not only about the Academy but also about my own work and how sculpture comes about, from a practical point of view.  Many were amazed by the process  – the initial ideas followed by sketch maquettes, the armature making, back irons and so on needed to construct our ‘canvas’ prior to any application of clay and then the moulding and casting. 

The truth is I will happily talk about sculpture until ‘the cows come home’.  Next stop, Art In Action – 21 to 24 July 2011 www.artinaction.org.uk

blenheim art academy

Thanks to Dubdays Classic Camper Van Hire who enabled me to indulge a lifelong admiration for the VW Campervan – they really are iconic. http://www.dubdays.co.uk/

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  1. Just had the call – going to collect ‘Embracing Life’ from casting on Saturday – so exciting!

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