Sculpture Al Fresco at Great Fosters, Egham, Surrey

Imaginatively compiled by Marcelle Joseph – this is an exciting contemporary sculpture show set in the splendid gardens at Great Fosters – a former royal hunting lodge dating back to 1550.

It showcases the work of a number of contemporary sculptors including some more established names such as Emily Young and Richard Hudson and some newer ones such as Nikolai Winter (full list below). 

A favourite of mine is Rick Kirby and his figurative metal sculptures. 

It’s local to us so we went with the kids and had a lovely afternoon (and a drink or two on the terrace!)…

I found it totally inspirational – the classical backdrop and sense of space really set these modern sculptures off to best advantage.  I loved the huge palate of materials adopted by these artists and the powerfully abstract nature of the majority of the works. 

Definitely worth a visit if you can make it – you’ve got until 28th August!

For some time I’ve been wondering whether my Iron Man sculpture (left) would scale up – now I think I’ll definitely give it a go!

Full list of contributing artists:- Carole Andrews, Alexander Hoda, Richard Hudson, Richard Jackson, Giles Kent, Rick Kirby, Richard Trupp, Nikolai Winter and Emily Young.

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