Great Ormond Street Hospital and Bishopsgate School Shoot

I’ve never been to this annual event before but my wife Jo has been helping out for several years now and this time was the official photographer (!)  I went as a lunch time guest (I don’t shoot) – but did donate a sculpture to this tremendous cause.

What an amazing day it turned out to be!  The Red Arrows did a private display….very moving due to the absence of Red 4.  The team honoured and remembered him by leaving his space empty and flying with only eight planes, the gap so obvious in the formations.

Aurora entertained us during the champagne reception and then it was a hike up the hill to watch the air display….breathtaking! 

Over lunch we heard some truly moving accounts from one of the doctors from GOSH and one very brave boy who stood up to tell us about his operations and treatments at GOSH which saved his life.  Everyone was inspired by these amazing people, and reminded how important the hospital is to so many poorly children.

Russ Abbot entertained us and Nicolas Bonham shepherded us through the main auction bidding (also very entertaining!) – coaxing many people in the room to give so generously. 

Overall the day raised some £280,000, despite the recession….And I was very proud to have been able to contribute with the sale of my sculpture – Confidence.

Amazing photography Jo –

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