Figurative Nudes Look Great In Bronze…

figurative nudeJust before Christmas I was back at one of my favourite places – the Bronze Age Foundry in Limehouse, London.

I was there to pick up my Confidence sculpture for a client who had ordered an edition in bronze for her husband’s Xmas present. figurative female nude

Left you can see the sculpture being sand blasted having been broken out of the ceramic mould.

Right shows her following this procedure and having been washed prior to having chemicals applied (more details on the process are in earlier post on Bronze Age).

The bronze is heated with a blow torch to help the chemicals to patinate the bronze (below right). Once we are happy with the patination a layer of wax is applied.figurative female nude female nude

Left shows the original model – a dancer whose air of confidence inspired the title for the piece.

The client was as pleased as punch with the finished product and her husband even happier. It looks fab mounted on polished black granite.figurative female nude

Even better than that, Bronze Age liked it so much they want to put one in their own Gallery for sale – how chuffed am I?!

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7 Responses to Figurative Nudes Look Great In Bronze…

  1. artboy68 says:

    Fantastic piece! Do you cast them one at a time on order, or are there more in the edition?

  2. Rhiannon Rebecca says:

    Fantastic Gary, it’s a really beautiful piece!

  3. This is an excellent post. I will stop by more often to read some more. Keep up the good work.

  4. Love it! Never got much further than figurative sculpture in clay (bronze resin). Can appreciate uber-talented sculptor when I see one!

  5. glenniebee says:

    Very nice piece and work, Gary. What a pleasure to see a return to old-fashioned skills and real craft.
    You may be interested (or may not!) to read a post I did a couple of days ago:

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