Inspiration in Spades…

We’ve been spoiled in London of late with the big names, and let’s face it they don’t come much bigger than Leonardo daVinci and then there’s Picasso, Hockney, Freud with Damien Hirst soon and the list goes on…

All hugely inspiring but I wanted to share with you some other bits and bobs which have moved me and fed into my artistic subconscious.

With The Art Academy we recently had a whirlwind tour of Hoxton and various of the cutting edge galleries there.

The outstanding artwork for me was ‘Lines of Thought’ (above) by Gunyol & Kunt at the amazing Parasol Unit – (photo courtesy of Stephen White).  The incredible thing about this installation is that as you approach it (and I guess it’s about 10′ high) you see this awesome ‘wire sculpture’.  Imagine my disbelief when I realised (when about 3 ins away) that it’s actually drawn in felt tip directly onto the wall!  Even knowing this, when you stand back again, you still see a 3d form..  and

The Surrey Sculpture Society recently hosted a talk by the sculptor Julian Wild at Guildford University.  

Julian has been prolific, particularly in the field of site specific sculpture – which is an area I am increasingly drawn to (post on my Place Project to follow in due course).  We had a summary of his career to date and for me it was great to see his work and to hear how he’d tackled some of the obstacles one encounters when working on large scale sculpture.  Love his work an example of which is above right. and

Meanwhile, back at The Art Academy – this week we had a visit and talk by Maggi Hambling.  I hadn’t known what to expect but I had checked out her web site by way of preparation.  She’s an incredible larger than life, chain smoking and hugely charismatic woman.  Absolutely loved her and her art’s outstanding – her portraiture is particularly powerful and I’ve always liked her sculpture tribute to Oscar Wilde but I was blown away by her wave paintings.

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1 Response to Inspiration in Spades…

  1. silkeberens says:

    thanks for the inspiration! Versatile and gifted work.Yours too 🙂

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