Art Academy London Graduation Show – What a Great Party!

ImageHard to believe that after all the preparations (not to mention three years hard work), the big event has been and gone – but what an amazing time we had with literally hundreds of people through the doors.


It’s quite an event in every way and involves the whole art school because we quite literally transform the building from working studios and workshops to pristine gallery space.  Every last easel, sculpture stand, cabinet and so on has to be stored and the whole place cleaned and painted.


Five days hard graft with students at every level helping (one day it will be their turn)…


My show was in the basement and I tried to create a distinctive space which would complement my work whilst setting it off to best advantage.


I had two areas, one with drawings and sculptures and the other with my main body of work including two new sculptures which for me represent the culmination of my development.


Lots of people commented on how they loved to see the work alongside the drawings from which they came – my practice often involves observation and sketching from the life model before I get into the sculpting which itself is becoming increasingly abstract.


The new work especially ‘Vertigo’ which stands over 6′ tall and ‘Conformation’ with its three sensual forms were also well received.


It was also great to have another visit  from the painter Tai-Shan Shierenberg who also gave the end of year speech.  He had been very helpful to me and a positive influence on the development of my work following his crit before Christmas (see earlier blog post).  I was chuffed at his positive reaction to my Show.


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1 Response to Art Academy London Graduation Show – What a Great Party!

  1. Angela says:

    What a great setting Gary, love the shadows as well as the sculptures and the drawings. Best wishes for the Summer and the “next stage”.

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