Threadneedle Prize 2013 Shortlist

ConformationSo chuffed that my sculpture ‘Conformation’ has made the Shortlist for the 2013 Threadneedle Prize.

This piece represents the pinnacle of my artistic development during my graduation year at the Art Academy and is the last sculpture that I completed for the Grad Show.ConformationDetail1

In keeping with the rest of my recent body of work, the focus was working with the life model to extract powerful lines running through the pose.  Rather than sketching on paper I decided to sketch in 3D using wire – this better suits the way I see the lines which after all are themselves 3D.

These wire lines are then assembled intuitively to make interesting shapes – I am looking to create abstract forms which feel organic and sensual and to draw in the viewer in.  I was pleased to see that visitors to the show saw all kinds of things in the work and nobody could pass it by without further investigation.ConformationDetail2

The sculptures themselves were given body using Crystacal plaster and scrim with the wire lines being faithfully followed.  They were cast in marble resin and displayed on a mirror on top of a gorgeous shiny black plinth.  I chose a mirror because this enabled the viewer to get views of the sculptures from all angles and it had the added bonus of producing a shadow on the ceiling.

Wish me luck to make the final cut – I’ve definitely got everything crossed…



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5 Responses to Threadneedle Prize 2013 Shortlist

  1. wyrdpooka says:

    Three cheers and a tiger for you!! I love the way you play with perception. And “So chuffed”, I will have to remember that one.

  2. Anita Macleod says:

    Congratulations Gary, you’ll win I am sure, that’s really beautiful. Brads Anita

  3. Jo Scott says:

    Good Luck!! xx


    Jo Scott FBIPP

    07793 205155

    BIPP qualified logo FBIPP Black small

    Remember – Always use a BIPP Qualified Photographer

  4. Everything crossed at The Art Agency too. Good luck.

    Alison & Emma xx

  5. mcsirishart says:

    Congratulations for making the shortlist – your pieces are lovely, great display.

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