Back to Brisons Veor, Cape Cornwall


‘And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying

And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea gulls crying’

The immortal words of John Masefield in his poem ‘Sea Fever’ capture at once for me what it is to be by the sea or more appropriately to yearn for it – which is precisely what I do when I haven’t had my ‘fix’.

Reverie II

Reverie II

I was beyond excited to be awarded a second residency at this special place and thought I might share with you some extracts from my diary…

‘Can’t believe it was only a year ago – feels both a long, long time ago and yet in another sense it’s so familiar, it’s like I never left.

There’s definitely a melancholic edge to the place for me, but it in a kind of comforting way; it’s certainly not sad and there’s a feeling of hope and expectation.

Taken back in my mind to what an artistic low I was at when I arrived here last time and how I knew I had found the start of a new creative stream before I left, one that has continued to develop to this day but with strong roots in that time…

It’s very bleak today – stormy winds and angry waves; the house feels dark but is warm, welcoming and cosy.  I feel at home…’

1 Energy LinesAlthough my experience this time was less monumental, it was nevertheless significant.  It was more about development and moving forward, than about finding myself.  It’s all about the value of time spent alone with nothing but one’s thoughts and being able to immerse oneself in this truly inspirational environment.

The creative juices really get to flow.

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