Secret Art Prize 2015

  • Mad as the Mist and Snow 2Super excited to be included in this years ‘Secret Art Prize’ run by the Curious Duke Gallery London.
  • Please vote for me and make my day!  Here’s the link
  • The work selected references WB Yeats and seeks to reflect the tension between the sublime and the harsh realities of life.
  • Mad as the Mist and Snow 3

    Yeats was a poet intensely and often painfully preoccupied with the irreconcilable claims of soul and body; his poetry often a battleground between attraction towards unity and perfection set against the inevitable deficiencies of being human.

  • Mad as the Mist and Snow

    In his work ‘Mad as the Mist and Snow’, Yeats rankles at the loss of the unfettered excitement of youth and yet offers up the possibility that, with the storm, once again we can be the wind that howls and storms and blows.

  • This is a very exiting opportunity so I would love it if you would please vote for me!
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