Drawing at the English National Ballet

IMG_3761In my own studio I’ve been working with Georgie (btw it’s not her in the image above), a classically trained ‘en pointe’ ballerina for some time; mainly drawing form her in charcoal but also using wire for ‘3d sketching’.  Working with her is totally inspiring – ballerinas have such poise and grace, a way of moving and of being which transcends them above us mere mortals.

IMG_3870To build on this, I recently had a wonderful opportunity to go to Sadler’s Wells to see the English National Ballet in ‘company class’ – essentially a couple of hours of ballet exercises, half at the bar and half without.  (Little did I know that I was also to be totally honoured by the presence of one of the world’s greatest ballerinas, Tamara Rojo!)http://www.ballet.org.uk/




My own work lays bare the emotions and the duality of life – the agony and ecstasy, strength and fragility, the sublime and the ugly… so I have always been drawn to ballet and ballet dancers who starkly represent these conflicting yet complimentary qualities in every way.  And these dancers really do ‘suffer’ for their art – an artistry I find totally compelling, spellbinding even.


Strong lines have always been important in my work and I look for these when abstracting from the human figure. Being drawn to dancers now makes sense as I’ve learned that they too always look to the line – to extend their lines and to ‘sculpt’ in space, drawing arcs in the air.



All this is feeding and informing my vision for a new body of work – one for which my metalwork class at Central Saint Martins (see last blog post) is fundamentally important too.  It’s all beginning to come together nicely and I can’t wait to start pulling it together in the new work and to sharing the results with you…


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2 Responses to Drawing at the English National Ballet

  1. Henri says:

    Hi Gary…. I don’t always get to read blogs etc, but it sounds like you making exciting moves forwards..or should that be dancing forwards… I’ve always found dance/movement very relevant to my artwork journey….finding line and rhythms….whether it’s human or landscape forms… It’s all reflected and found around us..amazing and inspirational. The dedication to form touches the essence of what we are,what surrounds us, connects us and is a part of us…if that makes sense..
    Your dedication and enthusiasm is inspiring! Lovely to read how you doing, Thank you 🙂

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